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Jul 4, 2007

UFOs, ETs: Why do the illuminati try so hard to convince children and naive that they exist?

Why do the illuminati try so hard to convince children and naive about UFOs & ETs? Can someone explain it i children's language?

Nothing illustrates this as well as the Roswell record, which the illuminati media has now played for... sixty years, using the suggestion mind control technique.
Notice how the illuminati media moves through different stages, while advancing this agenda. (1)
Now they reached the point where they will openly do the job. (2)

At the previous stage they would mostly use the "Package vs. Contents" mind control technique, a particular suggestion technique. (3)

Package Fusion between official illuminati media and their Web of Disinformation. (4)
Nothing escapes the Laws of End Times Reductionism. (5)

(1) Original article with a few good replies:

(2) Example from today:
Roswell UFO crash & alien autopsy: 60 years celebrated with Illuminati joke at Fox News Channel

(3) Example from one year ago:
BBC UFO Report: 90 pct of the sentences and all three pictures to convince naive that UFOs exist. None exposing the hoax

(4) CIA Web of Disinfo exposed

(5) As google will tell you.

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