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Jul 8, 2007

Oil price will set all time HIGH TOMORROW, 5 day trend indicates - yet nobody noted it

NYMEX crude for dummies
Brent Spot has risen about one dollar a day for the last 5 days.
Now at $77.10, which means it will, with 80 pct degree of probability, set a new all time high TOMORROW, after almost one year (1). Wait a moment... did any weekend media did the "math"? (2)

(1) all time high is $78.64, on Aug. 7 2006.  The illuminati were able to postpone the end resorting to the mass murder of unproductive, as explained again March 2006:
(2) NYMEX crude is meaningless, price is kept artificially low (3) since it is what is reported by the media for the sheep.
From a reply, see in forums below: "I remember the cnn money webpage used to list the brent crude prices. They don't anymore. I wonder why?"
(3) Since the bigger the lie the more people will believe it, these kind of hoaxes are created to cover-up the fact that oil is sold below production costs:
EXXON HOAX: "EARNS MOST PROFIT IN USA HISTORY, $39,500,000,000" to cover-up declining global oil output

(4) Note the same trick for hiding all time highs is systematically used. For oil prices as for temperatures. Compare the NYMEX crude trick with the 1913 temperatures...
HORRIBLE TRUTH about Earth's maximum recorded temperatures - the 3 Basic Facts - exposed worldwide first

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