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May 1, 2005

Suicide causes why you never heard about the one reason for 1 out of 3 - Totally rigged state sponsored GAMBLING

Suicide causes: why you never heard about: the reason for 1 out of 3 - Totally rigged state sponsored GAMBLING
Sept 2013: Last Prophet replies (deleted) to "Reality Check: UK Violent Death Rate Substantially Higher Than USA" [1]:
Talk of violent death rate:
here is one rate (30%) that is nearly the same in the USA, UK, or any other EU or G20 state for that matter:
At the current rate World clock will display 850,000 suicides at the end of the year.[2]
Last Prophet's words from 2005 on why you'll never hear about the ONE main reason for 300,000 among them .
After reading it a whole lot of other things will become clear,
Example: the illuminati joke "Trump's empire based on casinos".[3]

Totally rigged state sponsored GAMBLING or why you never heard about the one reason for each third suicide
One out of three suicides are caused by is addiction to gambling, foremost when all hope to continue gambling to recover what they lost is gone.
If you question the 30% rate, then just think about this:
- the simple fact that NOT ONE single case of suicide caused by gambling has ever been reported by mass media shows how high the REAL number is.
- as we are now in illuminati overtime, both the absolute number of gambling addicts and the relative number of those who lost all HOPE to continue to gamble due to lack of cash drastically increase.
So do the chances that YOU personally know a gambler who lost ALL HOPE to be able to continue to gamble.
In that case YOU DO know that they almost always end up committing suicide.

Here's why media will never ever mention it: 
State sponsored GAMBLING is Totally rigged
To get how casinos operate, all you need is to get how the illuminati rig the lottery:

[1] UK Violent Death Rate Substantially Higher Than USA

[2] World clock

[3] The Trump branded casino resorts include the Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza and at one time Trump Castle/Trump Marina, which was sold in bankruptcy court ...

Rigged state lotteries alone reveal illuminati TOTAL control of media, politics and "justice"

UNDENIABLE fact that these 10 BASIC questions were ** NEVER ** MENTIONED in EU/US media IMMEDIATELY reveals illuminati TOTAL control

Now that you know that Trump doesn't own any casinos, time to get the bigger picture:
Trump,  same as all other billionaires fed to the human cattle, doesn't own any of the jewels of his empire.