Understand TOTAL illuminati control of mass media or... continue being brainwashed till you are slaughtered.

Jun 14, 2013

Leaks ALWAYS staged from pedophiles to spy on you

Leaks ALWAYS staged, from pedoleaks to "Whistleblower: government is spying on you"
All "NSA whistleblowers", from Julian ACIAnge to SNOWden: nothing but actors using fake identities, all staged to advance illuminati agendas. 
Such leaks range from nothing but lies to almost all true.

Fulfilling Black is white: Leaks passing truth in plain sight are in fact staged to advance the agendas behind what they are supposedly "exposing":
- from pedoleaks such as Vatileaks, Dutch pedo minister rapes turkish kids and BBC Saville's a pedophile for many decades, used to in fact advance the "legalize pedophilia" agenda ...
- to "Whistleblower: government is spying on you", where "coincidentally" one of the main agendas advanced is: 'Be happy that you are being spied on'.

Mass Media is totally controlled by the illuminati.
There's no chance to catch them by surprise with a real leak because there's no such thing as "live TV".

Pope jails his butler: already part of the termination of simulated reality
Pedophilia "leaks", from Vatican to ministers and TV stars:

NSA whistleblower Snowden reveals Gov spies EVERY citizen: script's agendas for dummies

CBS journalists killed during live TV: play race card with actors. What the joke is about: