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Jul 22, 2007

Illuminati media: Harry POTTER = GW BUSH - ATTENTION: this is not a joke!

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There was a poll on CNN, yesterday.
It asked if you were going to read the new Harry Potter book.
70 percent said no.
Almost like Bush.
CNN tells you that 70 pct say no.
In fact it is 99 pct.
Even in the US military it is now 90+.


(1) Guess what is the illuminati entertainment package that got more marketing in the last five years in their media?

Right, Harry Potter. As explained by End Times Prophet in... 2002.

(2) In 2007 illuminati media is telling us that the appoval rate is now "only" 30 pct ... From 2005, when it was in fact 5 pct:
Bush - 41 pct approval - yeah, right... Manufactured Polls exposed.
What better example than 41% approval rate for Bush to expose how media manufactures POLLS?

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Jul 8, 2007

Oil price will set all time HIGH TOMORROW, 5 day trend indicates - yet nobody noted it

NYMEX crude for dummies
Brent Spot has risen about one dollar a day for the last 5 days.
Now at $77.10, which means it will, with 80 pct degree of probability, set a new all time high TOMORROW, after almost one year (1). Wait a moment... did any weekend media did the "math"? (2)

(1) all time high is $78.64, on Aug. 7 2006.  The illuminati were able to postpone the end resorting to the mass murder of unproductive, as explained again March 2006:
(2) NYMEX crude is meaningless, price is kept artificially low (3) since it is what is reported by the media for the sheep.
From a reply, see in forums below: "I remember the cnn money webpage used to list the brent crude prices. They don't anymore. I wonder why?"
(3) Since the bigger the lie the more people will believe it, these kind of hoaxes are created to cover-up the fact that oil is sold below production costs:
EXXON HOAX: "EARNS MOST PROFIT IN USA HISTORY, $39,500,000,000" to cover-up declining global oil output

(4) Note the same trick for hiding all time highs is systematically used. For oil prices as for temperatures. Compare the NYMEX crude trick with the 1913 temperatures...
HORRIBLE TRUTH about Earth's maximum recorded temperatures - the 3 Basic Facts - exposed worldwide first

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Jul 4, 2007

UFOs, ETs: Why do the illuminati try so hard to convince children and naive that they exist?

Why do the illuminati try so hard to convince children and naive about UFOs & ETs? Can someone explain it i children's language?

Nothing illustrates this as well as the Roswell record, which the illuminati media has now played for... sixty years, using the suggestion mind control technique.
Notice how the illuminati media moves through different stages, while advancing this agenda. (1)
Now they reached the point where they will openly do the job. (2)

At the previous stage they would mostly use the "Package vs. Contents" mind control technique, a particular suggestion technique. (3)

Package Fusion between official illuminati media and their Web of Disinformation. (4)
Nothing escapes the Laws of End Times Reductionism. (5)

(1) Original article with a few good replies:

(2) Example from today:
Roswell UFO crash & alien autopsy: 60 years celebrated with Illuminati joke at Fox News Channel

(3) Example from one year ago:
BBC UFO Report: 90 pct of the sentences and all three pictures to convince naive that UFOs exist. None exposing the hoax

(4) CIA Web of Disinfo exposed

(5) As google will tell you.

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Jul 1, 2007

Concert for Diana 2007 - Prince William in Illuminati Death List vs. Illuminati Icon Paris Hilton

Most illuminati TV prime news did not even let the sheep hear one word from Prince William, on the concert in tribute to Princess Diana, his beloved mother.The Princess of Wales who refused to be an illuminati icon. Prince William, who, in the footsteps of JFK Jr, refused to accept the mark of the last antichrist.

All time belongs to Paris Hilton, one of the main illuminati "icons" (for the "human cattle"), in the illuminati agenda for the last miles before the slaughter.

(1) Did Prince William ACCEPT the murder of his MOTHER, Lady Diana?
(2) Illuminati Supreme Court sentences Prince William to death in public - May 2007, at the White House

(3) Princess Diana - The illuminati media and her death explained in 2000 - but who echoed it?

(4) The car bombs scare was also part of the illuminati stage for the Concert for Diana.

(5) Larry King, Paris Hilton, drugs agenda and illuminati icons

UPDATE:  - Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry ALL murdered and *** replaced *** by imposters in 2008