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Jul 22, 2007

Illuminati media: Harry POTTER = GW BUSH - ATTENTION: this is not a joke!

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There was a poll on CNN, yesterday.
It asked if you were going to read the new Harry Potter book.
70 percent said no.
Almost like Bush.
CNN tells you that 70 pct say no.
In fact it is 99 pct.
Even in the US military it is now 90+.


(1) Guess what is the illuminati entertainment package that got more marketing in the last five years in their media?

Right, Harry Potter. As explained by End Times Prophet in... 2002.

(2) In 2007 illuminati media is telling us that the appoval rate is now "only" 30 pct ... From 2005, when it was in fact 5 pct:
Bush - 41 pct approval - yeah, right... Manufactured Polls exposed.
What better example than 41% approval rate for Bush to expose how media manufactures POLLS?

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