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Aug 24, 2017

Phoenix: marketing fake crowds at 'president Trump''s rallies: "supporters" v CNN anchor Don Lemon

"President Trump"'s rallies: Marketing fake crowds as real: Phoenix
Examples range from "supporters" to the #1 black "liberal" "news" anchor.

Just [before/after] Trump's first rally since the Charlottesville script was launched:
"Liberal" media implying [it will be/it was] full house:
Aug 22 - "Phoenix was Trump country long before Trump" headlines; 
Aug 23 - ".. thousands of supporters ... who’d crowded into the cavernous Phoenix Convention Center" under "In Arizona, Trump defends Charlottesville response, blames media" headlines.

Psy-op techniques: faking crowds vs omitting the overview
Trump supporters post fake photos of huge crowds at Phoenix rally as real images show room half-empty.
This while media has omitted any overview images of any rally of "president Trump".

Who is the perfect actor to divert human cattle from this omission? 
Answer: Black "Don Lemon", a fake identity, same as most people in politics:
- from "black Obama", not a mulatto but rather an ethnic indonesian who also plays Osama Bi(n La)den, 
- to "billionaire Trump", named after Tramp (actor who obviously doesn't own any of the jewels of "his" empire) and Trumpe(nce)ts, to name just two of the "inspirations".

Black "liberal" "news" anchor marketing Trump's fake CROWDS as real 
Aug 23, 2017- Don Lemon On ‘Unhinged’ Trump Speech: ‘There Was No Sanity There’for dummies:
"Don Lemon", same as every "journalist", is an actor, serving simulated reality as "news".
Don Lemon is not only serving "news" setting the stage for the manhunt for non-whites but also, same as every black in the headlines, in the cast of some scripts.
Example: Don Lemon refers to Trump's speech as unhinged (mentally unbalanced; deranged) while, same as with every rally of "president Trump", no overview of the "crowd" is included in the report.

Aug 23, 2017 - Trump supporters post fake photos of huge crowds at Phoenix rally - as real images show room half-empty
Aug 22, 2017 - Phoenix was Trump country long before Trump
August 23, 2017 - In Arizona, Trump defends Charlottesville response, blames media
Aug 23, 2017 - Don Lemon On ‘Unhinged’ Trump Speech: ‘There Was No Sanity There’

Feb 2017 - why first rally (one month) AFTER the inauguration again at Melbourne, Fla: to confuse the audience by having them see the images with the wrong date.
After reading this you'll know why illuminati media this time didn't show any overview of Trump's first rally as president, in Melbourne, Fla, Feb 18, 2017.

Aug 16, 2017 - After the historical Solar Eclipse comes the Blackout: most-liked tweet ever for dummies
Just before the eclipse:headlines about actors ALL executing orders from one and the same.

What follows Obama Bin Laden's resurrection, crucified to a Boeing 777